We welcome our clients self doubt or conservative nature as an awesome opportunity. I can honestly say that I have never had a client who saw the final product who didn't feel great about the product and perhaps even a new found "show off" amongst their people/ friends

This is for you to learn more about the process. But more importantly, for us to get to know you and understand the vision you have for a session 

Initial Consultation

How We Do Things

During your pre-session meet & greet we will go through a number of images to gather ideas on how you envision yourself being photographed. Digging deeper, we will discover what resonates with you-soft and ethereal, bold and confident, or something sexy!

Pre-session consultations are required to book any session in our studio. We ask that you do not bring guests or children to your consultation so that we can stay focused on YOU.

Consultations last about 1 hour, depending on how chatty we get, and are scheduled in our studio.

Planning & Designing a luxury portrait Session

The Consult

What to expect & how to plan your day with Amy KK Photography

Hands play a very important role in your portraits. Nails should be neatly trimmed with no polish on toes or fingers. If you decide you’d like to have them painted for your shoot please consider a nude or clear coat.



Whether you decide to come with some makeup on or with a fresh face, our professional makeup artists will ensure your makeup is photo ready.

Makeup Application


The day of your photoshoot, you simply show up with clean hair. One of our hair stylists will give shape and add volume to your beautiful tresses.

Hair Styling


As part of your consultation we’ll talk about your personal brand and we’ll help you choose the outfits from your closet that will allow you to look your best & have you putting your best foot forward at your portrait session

Wardrobe Styling


Headshot / Personal Branding Styling

Practice putting your weight on one foot and kicking your hip out in the mirror on the weight bearing leg and crossing the opposite knee across the other. This creates the perfect "S" curve in the body and creates a slimming effect. Watch out for "tea potting" which is when your hip and opposite shoulder go different directions



Hands play a very prominent role in my photographs. Practice relaxed "ballet" hands touching the outside parts of your body: face, shoulders, and hips. We want the hands to be relaxed and soft.

Ballet Hands


Practice looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling with your eyes. This is simply relaxing the mouth and using the bottom ocular muscle and lifting the bottom eye lid into a soft smile. The mouth can remain closed or slightly open with the bottom lip dropped. This will give you a bit of confidence when I show you how to do it in person during your session.



Practice makes perfect, a few suggestions before your shoot.

Tips & Tricks

Your session will include professional hair & make up, use of our glamorous studio wardrobe with dozens of garments and luxurious fabrics to choose from. An artfully directed photo shoot with multiple wardrobe changes plus a reveal and ordering appointment. Contemporary portrait sessions include: personal branding (headshots), high school senior portraits, maternity, children, boudoir, and glamour.  

Strength. Confidence. Empowerment.


Editing for portrait sessions takes 2-4 weeks depending on season. I will always retouch and color correct your images before you receive them.

I look forward to adding a few precious memories to the portfolio of your life. I assure you these memories will only grow in value over time. Please complete an inquiry form for more information on the session you’re most interested in. Once submitted you will gain immediate access to our process, product guides and specific investment information. If, after reading through the guide, you have any questions I’d be more than happy to assist.

Session Fee: $325


Print options

seniors & grads

family portraits

Personal branding

What are you interested in learning more about?

You need a new headshot if you want to be seen as a leader in your industry. Our Headshots are dynamic and clearly communicate each client’s personal or corporate brand.
All sessions include Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe styling.

Personal Branding

I believe that families should exist in pictures. We do not need an excuse to celebrate our families, but if you have an anniversary, a birthday or a milestone, I’d love to create timeless portraits for you.

Family Portraits

The end of school isn’t truly an end, It’s the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Let’s collaborate to create a unique.

seniors & Grads

You ABSOLUTELY do not need to look like a model! MOST of us don’t.. but there’s no reason why we can’t feel like one, Am I right?! We can work around ANYTHING about your appearance that you’re uncomfortable with. My studio is a safe place. If you have something specific that you’re self conscious about, (As well as anything about your body that you love & want to focus on!) Please tell me! Let’s chat about it in our meeting or before your session gets started so I can be aware of it as I shoot. My goal is to make you look and feel your best. 


The amount you spend is completely up to you. You’ll find in your portrait reveal meeting that I am the least pushy sales person ever. It’s just not my thing to pressure anyone to spend any more than they’re comfortable with. That said, most clients spend around $1750 total on their session fee and finished portraits. My session fee is $325 (This includes Professionally styled hair + Makeup, A consultation to design your shoot, wardrobe guidance, Access to my studio wardrobe & a 2-3 hour photoshoot catered specifically to you) The portraits themselves (Printed and Digital copies together*) Start at $225 each. Collections with multiple images start at $900 for Six and go up to $1,800+. (*PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT, ONCE PRINTS/DIGITAL FILES OF CHOSEN IMAGES HAVE BEEN DELIVERED, ALL MONEY PAID IS NON REFUNDABLE.)


YES! I know these sessions can be a big investment and I’m happy to divide your total into 4 monthly payments, with the first due at the reveal meeting. However, no files or other products will be delivered until payment has been received in full. (Session fee of $325 must be paid on or before the shoot date, No payment plans for this.)


The cost includes both. You will not get a digital copy without a print & Vice versa.


We can pull together a shoot in a hurry if we need to, however I always recommend booking at least six weeks in advance whenever possible. This gives us plenty of time to make sure you have all the wardrobe pieces you need, for you to schedule any “beauty” appointments you may want as prep & for me to design special little extras for your shoot. BUT if you’re on a tight schedule, Please still inquire! We can most likely make something work.


All of the images that you see at your reveal will be retouched to address blemishes, deep lines (Unless you request otherwise), ETC. I don’t generally erase scars, moles or tattoos unless requested, and do minimal in the way of “Nips & Tucks” as most of that is addressed in using flattering poses. So Yes, They are retouched, but you will still look like you.


For solo sessions, I generally show 20 retouched portraits. For Mom & Child or family sessions it’s usually closer to 30.


Sessions usually last 3-4 hours including hair and makeup styling. I generally do not do weekend appointments, but if that’s the only time that fits your schedule, Let’s chat and we’ll find a day that works.


I recommend bringing 4-5 outfits to your shoot. When we have our pre-shoot meeting, I will guide you through which styles/textures/colors photograph well and what sort of variety to be looking for as you gather your wardrobe pieces. I can put together an inspiration board with some ideas if you’re not usually a fan of shopping. I also have some clothing available at the studio, and a ton of fabric that I often use to make “dresses” on the spot. If you like a little tulle, floral or feather embellishment, I’ve got you covered! Styling and gathering wardrobe for shoots is one of my favorite parts of the process, so I am here to weigh in and help as much as you need. Also, for an additional cost if you want to create something TRULY UNIQUE I have a professional costume designer that can create a one of a kind look for you for another whole level of special experience.


I absolutely do. My primary focus tends to be on women of all ages and if they would like to be photographed with their partners and children, I’m honored to include them in the shoot. I especially love to photograph generations of women together. Also, sisters and best friends!


Well of Course! We can also do two shoots at the same time if you want to make it a girls day out with a friend, mom or sis.


Sure, although only one set of prints and one folio box will be included. A second set can be added for 50% of the purchased collection price.


Contact me & let’s chat! I can absolutely set this up for you, It makes for an incredibly fun day! Drinks and snacks, makeup artist, Leave feeling like a million bucks & then perhaps you end the day with a night on the town with your friends all looking their photoshoot best!



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